The Holiday Season is here and it is a very special time of year for all members of the family, including our furry ones. But, with all of the chocolate, decorations, and Christmas trees, there are some very important things to remember for the safety of your pet.

Here are a few things to avoid and to consider, for the holiday season concerning your furry friend’s safety:

Fatty Food– Like butter, animal fats, and grease may cause pancreatitis, diarrhea and vomiting.

Turkey Brine water– If drank by your pet could cause salt intoxication.

Discarded Food Items– Bones, corn cobs, etc. May cause blockage if eaten, if left out long enough and then eaten could cause food poisoning.

Discarded Food Wrappers– pets can smell the food scent, and eat the wrapper causing intestinal blockage.

Xylitol– Found in gums, and some other foods (certain peanut butters) can cause severe hypoglycemia (low blood sugars).

Nuts– macadamia nuts especially, have high fat content which can cause pancreatitis and more.

Raisins,grapes,currants when eaten can lead to kidney failure .

Chocolate– Especially dark baker’s chocolate, contain theobromine which causes hyperexcitability, along with abnormal heart rhythms, vomiting and diarrhea.

Raw Onion and Garlic– Can damage red blood cells if eaten.

Yeast Dough– the yeast can cause bloating from gas formations, after ingestion.

Decorations and ornaments

-Broken ornaments can cause cuts or if eaten blockages.

-Tinsel and ribbon may cause blockages especially in cats.

-Candles can be knocked over and cause burns or start fires. Also, fake candle batteries may be eaten.

-Electric wires can be chewed and cause a shock for the animal.

Plants and Flowers

-Lilies,Amaryllis,Mistletoe,Pine,Cedar,Poinsettias. All have some toxicity to them. The ASPCA has a list of toxic plants.

Christmas tree water– Additives like Aspirin could be harmful if ingested (especially cats).

Escaping Pets– During your busy get togethers your pet could slip out the door without you noticing.

  • Having a safe comfortable place for your pet to relax will help avoid any nervous reactions.

A little amount of prevention goes a long way to ensure you and your pet have a safe holiday season

-Raymond I. Bourgeois DVM, At Home Veterinary Care